Devon Rex and LaPerm Cats.

Cloudborn Summer Loving - shorthair ticked tabby LaPerm as a kitten.

Cloudborn is a small cattery in Fife, Scotland.

It started with Siamese & Orientals originally but a trip to choose a new Siamese kitten resulted also, in the aquisition of a small sparsely coated Devon Rex kitten. Lizzy wore ear muffs, leg warmers, a mohican stripe down her back and tail fluff!

Properly known as Teegra Busy Lizzy, she went on to become my great, great granny cat and matriarch of all she surveyed.

I was hooked and all these years later I still am.

Cloudborn Loves To Boogie - grandson of Bram who has been siring nice kittens.

In the last two years I have added LaPerms to my Devon Rexes. LaPerms are a fairly new breed to UK and there is still much work to be done with this delightful, fun loving rex coated cat.

I am happy to chat about Devon Rex & LaPerms. Novice advice freely given. Please use the available contact form.